ADEPT® has been proven to reduce post-surgical adhesions in patients undergoing gynaecological laparoscopic surgery6,7. Its unique properties offer a simple solution resulting in better outcomes in the OR and for the patient overall3.
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The Burden of Postoperative Adhesions

20-40% of infertility cases in women are caused by adhesions1

The percentage of cases of infertility in women that are caused by adhesions1



#1 cause of secondary infertility1

34.5 % of patients re-admitted due to adhesions

After open gynaecological surgery, patients were admitted almost twice (1.9 times) for a problem potentially related to adhesions or for further surgery potentially complicated by adhesions over a 10-year period2

Results based on Clinical Studies

Image that states that Adept has a resorption rate of 3/4 days vs. LRS which is within' 24 hrs.

Simple and Effective

Direct and Fast-Acting Application

As a liquid, ADEPT® is administered directly and rapidly to the site through a laparoscopic port during surgery3

Broad Coverage and Optimised Resorption

Ingredient icodextrin slows the resorption time, whereas regular fluids would be resorbed much faster5

Chart comparing Adept's positive outcomes to LRS

PAMELA Study   

Double-blind randomised controlled trial comparing ADEPT® (n=203) and Lactated Ringer's Solution (n=199) during laparoscopic gynaecological surgery6



Image of a blue shield icon with a purple checkmark inside

Ariel Registry

Pan European registry of ADEPT® use in 2,069 gynaecologic patients7


Rated most frequently by surgeons as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ in laparoscopy cohorts

Can be used without requiring significant changes in surgical practice

Considered easy to use by participating surgeons

Overall satisfaction with ADEPT® as good or excellent in >90% of procedures

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