Gynaecological Surgery

Gynaecological surgery not only requires control of bleeding and oozing across broad surfaces, but also requires physicians to maintain fertility in many of their patients. Baxter's haemostats and sealants help patients heal quicker and with fewer complications, while Baxter's adhesion reduction agents help reduce post - operative adhesions.

Key Procedures

Each gynaecological procedure presents unique challenges that can cause complications for the healing process. Here are a few examples.

Image of FLOSEAL in applicator in a gloved hand along with the FLOSEAL logo next to it


FLOSEAL, Baxter’s flowable haemostat, provides quicker haemostasis (2 minutes median time to haemostasis) that stops many different types of bleeds.1 It can be applied across several procedures on appropriate grades of bleedings (e.g. in hysterectomy).

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Bleeding during and/or after a myomectomy can lead to different kind of complications such as a return to the operating room. TISSEEL, Baxter’s fibrin sealant, mimics a physiological clot for resorption in 10-14 days5, has a broad indication for haemostasis and with a wide range of drip and spray applicators may be applied across several procedures on appropriate grades of bleedings  (e.g. in myomectomy).

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Gynecologic Laparoscopy

COSEAL Surgical Sealant is a fully synthetic resorbable hydrogel, designed to provide a rapid intraoperative seal and to maintain adhesion protection during the critical postoperative period.3

ADEPT® Adhesion Reduction Solution is a non-viscous, colorless liquid that contains 4% icodextrin. The solution provides broad coverage, temporary tissue separation, and serves as an irrigant throughout surgery.4 

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Prescribing Information


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