Cardiovascular Surgery

Baxter understands that during cardiovascular surgeries blood management is essential to saving lives. Haemostats, sealants and tissue repair products need to work quickly and facilitate access to difficult sites. Baxter created its portfolio of products to address those needs during times when life is on the line.

Key Procedures

Each cardiovascular procedure provides unique challenges that can cause complications for the healing process. Here are a few examples:

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)

In CABG surgeries, haemostats ensure the surgical field is visible and bleeding risks are minimised to optimise postoperative recovery. FLOSEAL, Baxter's flowable haemostat, actively achieves haemostasis quickly (2 min median time to haemostasis)1 leading to improved clinical outcomes2 and reduced annual cost of care3.

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Aortic Aneurysm Repair

During an aortic aneurysm repair, synthetic sealants can work independently of the coagulation cascade to prevent bleeding4,5. COSEAL, Baxter's fully synthetic sealant, provides a thin, translucent, motion-responsive seal that supports natural vascular dilation and can be sutured through, while allowing for visibility at the suture line6.

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Valve replacements or repairs

Valve replacement and repair surgeries, like other major CV procedures, often come with a higher risk of bleeding. TISSEEL fibrin sealant can be used to control diffuse bleeding, such as on the epicardial surface, and is effective in fully heparinised patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. 7

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