As a versatile synthetic sealant, surgeons can rely on COSEAL Surgical Sealant as the only surgical sealant clinically proven to deliver efficacy in both cardiovascular sealing and post-surgical adhesion reduction in cardiac and gynaecological surgery.1,2
Image of Coseal in applicator

Image of a sutured aortic valve sealed with Coseal

3-in-1 Solution for Sealing and Adhesion Prevention

COSEAL is clinically proven to provide a rapid seal at vascular suture lines, as well as reduce air leaks occurring after lung resection as compared to standard surgical technique.1,2,3  Additionally, COSEAL reduces the incidence, extent and severity of postoperative cardiac adhesions and gynaecologic adhesions.1,4

Coseal mechanism of action

Mechanism of Action

COSEAL is composed of two synthetic biocompatible polyethylene glycol polymers that rapidly crosslink with proteins in tissue and mechanically adhere to synthetic graft material1

Coseal v Bioglue

Recent pre-clinical study on surgical sealants compares tissue reactions

Surgical sealants are commonly used to prevent bleeding following vascular repair and reconstruction, but an adverse response to a tissue sealant could result in poor healing, leading to the need for re-operation. A study published in early 2020 directly compared the aortic and peri-aortic tissue reactions to COSEAL Surgical Sealant and BioGlue Surgical Adhesive in a preclinical model.7*  

*Pre-clinical data. Results may vary in humans.

Additional Product Benefits

Flexible and Easy to Use


The translucent, motion-responsive material supports natural vascular dilation as well as  conforms to the anatomy of the expanding and contracting lung.6


Independent of the Coagulation Cascade

COSEAL works independently of the coagulation cascade, forming a direct mechanical barrier to blood flow regardless of the patient’s coagulation status.2,4

Cost Savings and Fewer Complications

In a retrospective study of 102 aortic Bentall procedures, using COSEAL as suture line reinforcement contributed to fewer complications with significant cost savings when compared to not using COSEAL.5

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