TISSEEL is the only fibrin sealant that has haemostasis, sealing and tissue adherence indications, with 40 years of clinical research supporting its use.1,2 
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Image of TISSEEL in its syringe

Two black and white images of clots - a physiological clot and a TISSEEL clot

Mimics Physiological Clot

TISSEEL contains a unique formulation of fibrinogen and thrombin which, upon mixing, mimics a physiological clot1. The aprotinin in TISSEEL increases resistance of the fibrin sealant clot to degradation in a fibrinolytic environment1.

Mechanism of Action

Upon mixing, human sealer protein and human thrombin combine into fibrin that adheres to the wound surface and achieves haemostasis and sealing. TISSEEL mimics the final coagulation cascade step by forming a clot1. Learn more about how TISSEEL works.

Additional Product Benefits

Wide Range of Applicators

TISSEEL is the only fibrin sealant to offer a complete portfolio of drip and spray applicators, allowing surgeons to select the right tools to address individual patient needs1.

Precise Placement

The DUPLOSPRAY System allows for bleeding to be targeted laparoscopically by getting as close as 2-5 cm to the tissue¹.

Do not spray TISSEEL where the recommended minimum distance from the applicator tip to the target site cannot be assured. Consult your country-specific SPC or package leaflet for recommended distances and pressure.


Prescribing Information


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